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  • Slytherin quiz

  • Which Dumbledore's Army Member Are You?

How Do The Quizzes Work?

Taking our quizzes are simple and easy. A lot of what we do is trivia based. An example is our quiz, How Much Do You Know About Professor Dumbledore?  After visiting that page, all you have to do is scroll down until you see the quiz. On most of these quizzes, there will be 4 options for you to choose from. All you have to do is click the answer that you think is correct and it will either turn red or green. a green background means you got the question right and a red background means you got it wrong. Under the answers, there will be a button that says ‘Continue >>’ and when you click that it will take you to the next question. At the very end, it will let you know what you scored (and most quizzes are out of 10). Personality quizzes work in a similar way but without you having to hit the ‘Correct >> button to move on to the next question.

Trivia Questions

  • Minerva McGonagall quiz and trivia

  • Remus Lupin Quiz

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What Is Potter Quizzes?

We are a website that is dedicated to providing you with fun Harry Potter trivia and quiz games. As a major Potter Nerd myself, I wanted to be able to create a place where fans could test their knowledge. Also, where they can find out things that they didn’t know about the movies, books, characters, and more.

We offer personality quizzes that will help you feel like you are in the Wizarding World. Here are some of our most popular ones:

Also, we offer quizzes on specific characters, movies, and more from the series. Here are some examples:

The goal is to eventually become the number one Potter trivia source on the web. It will be a long journey but we are committed to accomplishing that goal. If you enjoyed any of our quizzes, make sure to bookmark this page and return. We will be updating it with the latest quizzes that we create and also, with any other things that we come up with.